Teaching of Calculus

The course consists of 6 sections. The first section contains general issues relating to the teaching of mathematics and which will then exploited for the teaching of calculus. The second section is an introduction to the Teaching of Calculus and contains general research findings related to learning and teaching of calculus. The last four sections relating to learning and teaching the basic concepts of calculus, that is the limit, continuity, derivative and integral. The trading of these units is not based on some theoretical material but based on specific activities, describing some hypothetical didactic situations related to the negotiated meaning. These activities, students will edit before discussing them in class drawing on their experience and in the literature. Then, during the course, will be a discussion in class for each activity and associated opinions will grow.


Through discussion and confrontation of different opinions arise issues concerning various components of the Thematic and Pedagogical Content Knowledge, which will be analyzed based on personal experiences of participants and the existing literature. Such issues may relate to aspects of the subject knowledge of the content, particularly the specialized knowledge or the horizon, which is not directly used in the teaching of the subject in the classroom but their knowledge strengthens the pedagogical content knowledge of teachers and helps to design mathematics correct teaching activities.


The course has no prerequisites


The content of the course consists of the following sections: 1. General issues concerning teaching of Mathematics: Mathematics Teaching - The role of definitions in the teaching and learning of Mathematics - The importance of visual representations in the teaching of Mathematics - Teaching concepts and theorems 2. Problems related to the teaching of calculus. 3. Matters relating to the teaching of the limit. 4. Issues on teaching continuity. 5. Matters relating to the teaching of the derivative. 6. Matters relating to the teaching of integrals.






Instructors: Theodosios Zachariadis
Department: University of Athens Department of Mathematics
Institution: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Subject: Mathematics
Rights: CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

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